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You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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The Savour Series

Laurel Vespi, motivational speaker, life coach and award winning author, is your guide to building the mindset, skills and routines to manage the ups and downs of life.

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Savour Essentials

A monthly collection of positivity and presence activities curated by Laurel. Flexible, bite-sized activities if you need a little structure or reminder as you learn to mindfully go with the flow of life.

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Savour by Design

A series of recorded masterclasses to show you the many ways to design a more mindful life. Let Laurel guide you in building the daily habits and skills of mindful resilience.

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Savour Your Life

A transformational year long program working with Laurel and a small group of like-minded women. 2021 program is full. Registration for 2022 opens in Fall 2021.

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Free Resources

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The Worry Fix

A powerful five day program that teaches you a simple system to help you worry less and enjoy life more. Now free for 2021.

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Audio Meditation

Download this short guided meditation designed to create a “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”. Perfect for a quick boost of calm for your heart and mind.

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30 Days of Mindful Moments

Take the 30 day challenge creating mindful moments of presence, intention and gratitude.

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Let me teach you how to surf!

Ever have anything unexpected happen? Sure you have. That’s because life is sometimes a random and chaotic experience. In between the joyful moments, it can be downright messy.

That’s where I come in – showing you how to ride the ups and downs of life with presence, grace and confidence.

You see, learning to go with the flow of life means creating the mindset, skills and routines that help you show up and enjoy the beautiful moments and also manage the ones that challenge you.

Minimizing distractions.
Weeding out what doesn’t work.
Leaning into what matters.
Making conscious choices.
Savouring this one life we have.

So if you would like a companion on your journey for a while, I’m happy to lead the way. Check out the free resources and be sure to join my newsletter for a weekly dose of positivity.

What People are Saying

“It grounds me and brings me back to what really matters and helps me to let go of the past week and enjoy the week coming.”

Linda, Savour Essentials

“If you only knew how many times you have spoken to exactly what I needed to turn my thoughts and day around! Thank you for always being there with practical ideas.”

Carol, Savour Essentials

“It helps me to pause and take a moment for my own well-being and helps to shape my weekend.”

Charlotte, Savour Essentials

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